I am who God say I am!

Pragtige Vreemdeling

The First Time I saw Your face.

Crediet-Ina Pretoruis

Credit — Pinterest

Krediet- Ina Pretoruis

Blou Van Die Siel

Digter: Mattheus Frederik


Skrywers Nota: Susan De Klerk het nie besef dat die laaste dans van die aand met Willem haar laaste dans met hom sou wees nie. Willem is skielik oorlede en ‘n groot verlies in die familie. RIV Geliefde Swaer en Broer

Willem Sterrenberg Greyling 1932–2021

Vreugdevolle viering



Wait for me! Credit Monique.

Faith Hill

We said we’d walk together

Sissel & Espen Lind

Authors Note: WOW! Sissel is truly a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice. This is the sexiest woman with perfect body rhythm and timing. Her voice is the perfect music, while her body language floats softly in sync with her voice


The Rolling Stones

Mattheus Frederik

Experience in Explosives, Fertilizers, Heavy Chemicals and Author. Love People, High Tech, Space and Afrikaans/English Translator.

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