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More than 3000 white people have died in Farm Attacks in South Africa! Imagine what Amerca or Russia would do in the event of such an attack? We know what America had done after 9/11. Billions of Dollars had been spent to locate the criminals and Bin Laden and to eliminate them!

White South Africans and farmers are persecuted under the pretence that whites must pay for Apartheid, whether they lived during the Apartheid years or not. White South Africans are excluded from all jobs in the Government Sector and also in some Private sector jobs. The Laws and execution of Black Economic Empowerment restrict white employment and the ownership of companies.

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After 25 years of political independence and “State Capture of State-Owned Enterprises”, Apartheid and the whites are blamed for economic failure, for the land they own which Black people claim stolen from them.

R100 000 Reward offered for evidence that Whites have seized farms during the Apartheid years. No takers for this invitation had surfaced yet!

Whites are forced to fear for their lives. Politicians promised a change would come. But things are only getting worse. Black news writers claim that whites don’t want the Country to proceed because they are right-wing motivated.

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It is not correct to claim the latter because whites are against corruption, lies, crime, nepotism, theft and behind the scene plotting and murder of own party personnel. A false news about whites are at the order of the day and started before 1994 — the attack focus on education, the destruction of Afrikaner tuition in schools and universities. Whites blamed for racism. Black South African people are focused on getting everything for nothing in their quest of entitlement. Eskom is owned billions in electricity siphoned and stolen by black households. Male black South African men don’t want to work and instead make children and live on the grants provided by the Government. This attitude leaves the farmer no choice but to employ workers from Zimbabwe and other places in Africa.

Killings do not even make the mainstream news. It is going under the radar as it is not high up on the level of political correctness. Because of the latter, it is understandable why Cyril Ramaphosa said on Bloomberg TV that no farmers are attacked or murdered!

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How long will such horrific crimes go on? Who will do something about this? For some reason, when it is crimes against white people, there aren’t as many protests. There aren’t people standing in the streets pleading for the White South African refugees brought into their Country. And that is the unhappy truth. Farmers are being attacked and murdered daily. Because of the unfortunate South African situation, the author wrote the following poem.


It’s peace, man, war and Apartheid are over!

Do you hear people shouting in the streets?

Do you see the whole world is mistaken? Mandela is free

Come here is a bottle of sweet wine: let’s drink!

FW sunk our nation into the sea; And for that

got the Nobel Prize with Mandela!

We no longer have land; done with a twist!

It’s peace now! Yell — or are you hoarse?

Well, laugh, because the story is out:

Our nation is gone, we can tootle!

Drink, drink your glass! The sun shines through the wine -

Is it syrupy, or does it taste like vinegar?

Well, then come to the window

And watch with me all the action,

There the Union flag is lowered, there is a black flag

clenched fist Uhuru shouted and slammed on the chest:

The stock market falls again, and we do!

What is our Country against the stock market?

What is a canary quality to the pig?

A lily flower over a stalk of tobacco?

Our nation, which was so wild, is now tame

And can be trained like a baboon,

What if he’s stuck, can hit the enemy well again:

Viva! Viva! Shout with me: It’s peace now;

the war and Apartheid are over!

It’s peace, man; the war is over!

Do you hear how people cry?

Do you hear a sigh, a complaint? — It’s just an owl -

The Red and Yellow Birds are everywhere,

even in the city and everywhere they cry,

everywhere around our path:

They know we cheated! They stick together

A peace congress here, just like it does;

Pass beautiful resolutions; make noise

Piercing noise; and then left without leadership

For our leaders are ashamed and afraid of them,

And get rid of our sword and destroyed our arms!

E = MC² is no longer, and our scientists are in disrepair!

And Pik Botha, Leon Wessels and Roelf Meyer

Let the people stumble! Rewarded with the

enemy betrayal card and his language.

And the Anglican Priest, in the press, sit in front;

he seems to be crying, but he laughs the tears!

Tears at the reconciliation meeting

Now the story is out: the empty glass

Stand dry, which was so full of water before;

The well that bright water could give,

Is full of tears, saltier than the sea -

So empty as ever a pan in the desert

Whenever the sun shines brightly -

And bitterly like gall, salt in the well

Did our old people quiver their tears;

And we have to drink from it, the years through,

Even though the taste will tear our heart and soul.

No, boy, no, come yelling with me:

It’s peace now: the war is over!

It’s peace, man: the war is over!

Do you see the streets full? I see a disaster,

Farmers killed, as bad as in a concentration camp.

The yellow and red birds look another way

then the murder happens, and the constitution

just becomes a worthless piece of paper.

Laws are passed to take the Boer’s land

Without payment and for personal gain

with a thousand tombs, each of which preserved

A treasure that was all that God gave to South Africa

Delivered to our Country once,

In time and need, trust as a pledge!

The Boer was the strongest of us all — he

What to do with prayer and hope!

He has the most substantial part of our destiny

Carried, helped, comforted, supported by God;

And if you have to think about it, then you must believe -

Even if you are in doubt — there is somebody over there

And the farmer’s wife; made of iron of the best steel,

With so much comfort her support and hope paid;

But then again you think of her grief and on

The tombs are standing there along the tar road.

And believe again, because one is weak!

Why did He prune the tree, the branch

Hence cut down to the trunk? Why

Did he make our fate so crooked?

No, brother, drink with me; shout with me:

The ANC rules, there is peace now; the war is over!

It’s peace now; the war and Apartheid are over!

Do you hear people shouting Uhuru? I hear

Far on the plain, the clouds drift down;

There the flash hit, thunder, thunder.

The hail, every grain like a cherry pit, makes the field

just like marble white and covers the tomb of another Boer child;

And by the storm of murder, the north wind is crying,

rinse the flood of delinquency across our borders

High was the people’s hope, but soon

turn into despair, and now our heart is low!

Our Country is expensive: the price of grief and sorrow!

And whoever is more than us, we have given our share,

Our soul has given love, to it

We promise; carried us foolishly

The blame of yesterday and the day after;

On rock we built, and not on the sand -

The Farmer Woman Heroine and Child!

The best that our Country still produced!

Shout hooray for them

If you have to yell — but rather man, calm down

And pour me a glass of wine again:

It will taste the grind like vinegar

But imagine it is honey sweet

sugar and eat with me

Drink on the ANC name:

the war and Apartheid are over

It’s peace now; the war is over!

It’s peace, yes! But the black man doesn’t

want us to commit?

Will, we ever rule ourselves again,

no longer peeking over our shoulder;

And wait tomorrow! To cook, fry,?

Are you no longer paying a repeated charge?

Again hear how beautiful our language

sounds in the storm?

Will we make the Afrikaner soul decay?

It shone unto the Southern Cross during the night

then her light stood as a guide to us,

lighter than the moon and the sun,

And now it’s in demand again!

Black people want to destroy our language

and us with their racism!

It’s peace, but our soul is not yet dead:

Solidarity and AfriForum are still there to lead us

and in the Courts watch over us and fight for us!

And the Freedom Front Plus witnessed that

destruction in Parliament

The massive, heavy duty of forced peace;

the hard task to refurbish!

The question is, will we keep it this time?

What lies before us, the life that awaits us,

Our dark road, as bright as day.

Watch the Afrikaner voice! Watch the soul!

Keep the best our nation has — the woman!

Throw down the glass; kick the pieces aside:

From there we will drink no other toast

Like that to her! But call man, until it sounds:

The peace is finally there; the past is over!

And the Afrikaner Free!


Author: Mattheus Frederik


Experience in Explosives, Fertilizers, Heavy Chemicals and Author. Love People, High Tech, Space and Afrikaans/English Translator.