Sovereignty For Israel Now!

Israel Launching Satellite to Monitor Iran and the Middle East

Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Sir, there was never a more appropriate time than now to complete the path of sovereignty, which was written in the words of G-d in the Torah/Bible. Reason for this significant step is timing created for you, leader of the Jewish population in Israel and all over the world to reign sovereign. This path to sovereignty will also be the path of the least resistance for the people of Israel for the following reasons.

President Trump and millions of Jewish people all over the world will support you.

There is a peace treaty with Egypt in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia is tired of the Palestinian nation that doesn’t want peace with Israel.

Jordan says it will not approve of this step because Jordan also does not want the Palestinian people from Gaza and the West Bank flooding Jordan as uncontrollable refugees bent on revenge against Israel.

Iraq does not want to get involved in another war against the Americans and Israel.

Syria is not in the position to get involved in a fight with Israel.

Lebanon is also not a problem except for terrorists harbouring the Lebanese land to fire rockets at Israel.

Iran will make a lot of noise but will be careful not to fight against Israel with the USA blowing fire at them. You now also have satellites to monitor Iran’s exploitation of Atomic Weapons

Turkey may become noisy but will remain impotent because of their problems in Syria and Russia that is a friend of Israel.

The Palestinian nation in Gaza and the West Bank expressed the view that they want to become Israeli ID holders and want to earn money to improve their lives.

The Palestinians are fed-up with the corruption in the Palestinian land occupied by their leaders. This situation will be possible if the Palestinian people accept Israeli law. Those Palestinians that don’t want to stay will not be held captive and can go to any country they wish to receive as a new homeland. It will not be a Holocaust for the Palestinians.

G-d Bless You, Sir, and Israel

The words of Israel’s national anthem were written as a nine-stanza poem by poet Naftali Herz Imber and were first published in 1876 or 1877 (the exact date is unknown). It served as the anthem of the Zionist Movement at the 18th Zionist Congress in 1933. When the State of Israel was established, the first stanza and refrain were adopted as the national anthem. Until 2004, Hatikva was not officially the national anthem when it was rooted in the “Flag and Emblem Law” of 1949, which then became the “Flag, Emblem, and National Anthem Law, 5709–1949.”

The National Anthem Of Israel-Hatikva

As long as in the heart within,
The Jewish soul yearns,
And toward the eastern edges, onward,
An eye gazes toward Zion.

Our Hope is not yet lost,
That believe is two-thousand years old,
To be a free nation in our land,
The Land of Zion, Jerusalem.

Premier Benjamin Netanyahu,

Meneer, daar was nooit ‘n meer geskikte tyd as nou om die pad van soewereiniteit te voltooi wat in die woorde van G-d in die Torah / Bybel geskryf is nie. Die rede vir hierdie groot stap is dat die tydsberekening geskep is vir u as leier van die Joodse bevolking in Israel en regoor die wêreld om soewerein te regeer. Hierdie weg na soewereiniteit sal ook om die volgende redes die weg van die minste weerstand vir die volk Israel wees.

Hoop, Die Nasionale volkslied Van Israel-Hatikva

Solank dit in die hart is,
Smag die Joodse siel
Na die oostelike rante, en verder
Kyk ons oë na Sion.

Ons hoop is nie verlore nie,
Die geloof van twee-duisend jaar,
Om ‘n vrye volk in ons land te wees,
Die land van Sion, Jerusalem.



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