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Nuclear Explosion-Internet

Putin is throwing the entire Russian military into this conflict even though he does not believe that military hardware such as tanks, planes and ships can win a war. Putin confirmed his mindset by saying it is not worthwhile to spend a lot of roubles on military hardware, as Nuclear War Heads will win WW3. (Nukes) Is this Invasion of Ukraine just a preamble to WW3?

After only five weeks, Russian losses are staggering. Ten thousand men were killed, 500–600 tanks, thousands of supplies, and hundreds of Jet aircraft and helicopters were lost. Putin is not concerned about these losses. This equipment is not necessary for the war he wants to fight. More importantly, Russia is wasting its minimal military workforce, and Putin is not concerned about that.

Russia uses lots of Cold War gear because Putin does not want to replace its old stockpiles with modern equipment. True today and every single Russian tank, jet, and Helicopter lost means the Russian military is smaller than before. Honesty and fairness is not Putin’s trait, and he does not care what the global human society thinks of him or his stature in the world. It also pushes Putin to rely on a Nuclear War. What is Putin planning?

More importantly, the myth of Russia might not have been shattered and carefully planned the events taking place. The War Crimes by his soldiers and the implications of a war tribunal do not affect Putin’s mindset. Putin wanted WW3 in his hope that he would be able to rule the world.

Ukraine has more than held its own against Russia, and the world is taking notice but is not taking into account what a mad man, Putin, plans. The world must carefully consider the actions by Putin and answer the following questions:
1. Why is Putin waste-ting his military hardware? Is Putin Planning a Poison or Nuclear war on the West (European Nations)
2. Why are civilians executed with their hands tied up behind their backs? Is Putin knowingly inviting the western world (NATO) to take military action against Russia?
The world must not close its eyes for the following events to happen:

Poison Gas to be used in Ukraine and Europe Nations.

The invitation for Putin to engage in Nuclear Warfare

Ukraine has found itself in a bloody mess by an old-new imperialistic Russia led by Putin. US voters do not believe that Russia would have been as aggressive had a Republican or a moderate Democrat been in charge.
Everybody saw the Invasion coming — except for Joe Biden. Very few leaders in the world, including Joe Biden, believe that Putin will revert to Nuclear War.

President Zelensky haunted, inspecting Putin's war crimes



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