Nuclear Threat-World Nuclear Force

Mattheus Frederik
2 min readMay 26, 2022

Only madmen will want to destroy this Ukrainian girl.

Some people look to the world and ask, “What if a rogue world leader uses Nukes to settle disputes and try to gain independent territory?”

The USA, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea are the world that presently possesses nuclear arsenals and facilities to attack other countries. Iran should not be allowed to establish nuclear armament facilities because Iran is considered rogue!! North Korea is also questionable, examining the physiological status of the leader Kim Jong-un.

The rogue country that fits the madness scenario appears to be Russia and has also displayed recent arrogance to threaten the world and Ukraine. Putin said that should Russia be attacked by NATO affiliated countries, it would use its nuclear facilities to counter any attack!

The threats from Russia have prohibited Western countries from attacking Russia and heeded its warning to prevent WORLD WAR 3. NATO affiliated countries have instead provided Ukraine with millions of dollars of military hardware to assist Ukraine in self-defence. At the moment, it appears that Ukraine is winning the war against Russia. People are now concerned that Russia’s rogue leader, Putin, will revert to Nuclear war if he loses the war against Ukraine.

The only outcome for the NATO-aligned countries is to retaliate with its combined nuclear armament against Russia should Putin follow the present road of immense maiming, killing people, and destruction of buildings and property. Putin wants to use his atomic armament to settle disputes!

What is needed to prevent the destruction of Earth?

The first objective is to rewrite the world order to prevent madmen from using nuclear facilities.

Rewriting the world order does not mean nuclear armaments and the peaceful requirements for atomic energy are eliminated.

The job should be to establish a quorum of nuclear countries and specify leaders who will be jointly responsible for triggering a nuclear war, building nuclear power stations, and atomic energy for space exploration and medicine. The establishment of a nuclear establishment must prevent mad country leaders from using nuclear energy for other reasons than peaceful means. Nuclear power is vital in chemical, engineering and space research. A World Nuclear Force established on the ideals /vision of NATO is essential.



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