God Is Not Dead!

Holocaust Voices

After the Holocaust, survivors and the watching world asked if God is alive. It was incomprehensible that God could allow “Mass Killings” (The Holocaust) to take place without God stopping it! Elie Wiesel believed God was alive, but ignored the Holocaust, quite for a strange reason:

“God, You heard us crying and praying! But you looked away. Why God?”.

It often happens that people close to the carnage and death cannot believe that God does not get involved and bring relief as he did with Abraham (Genesis 22) who was about to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on the mountain.

God told Abraham to release his son and slaughter the ram, provided by God. God rewarded Abraham for his intention to obey God and to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

The “Lapse of Time explains the reason God was silent and allowed the killing to continue”. God wanted to make sure that the sacrifice presented (The Jewish People, Jewish Enemies and People of the world) to never forget that He is God and that He decides the place of the Jewish People and all other nations.

The Reward Of God:

Before the Holocaust and WWII, the Jewish nation was spread over the world and had no land as they were driven from their land by the enemies of the Jewish people and the world watched indifferently. The lapse of time showed that God accepted the offer of 6 million Jewish lives sacrificed, and in return:

*Music Video: Jerusalem https://youtu.be/7BM9E1hEVrg

God Is Alive

Elie Wiesel Quotes on God, the Holocaust and Humanity

When a Jew visits Jerusalem for the first time, it is not the first time; it is a homecoming.



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