Beautiful Stranger


In my thoughts about you
I think of you with my soul
Are your body and soul not a casual thought?
Or stone or marble
Because your code is Ina
When you shout, “I’m Not Alien.”
I’m not a stranger!

I am who God say I am!

Pragtige Vreemdeling


In my gedagtes aan jou
Dink ek aan jou met my siel
Is jy ligaam en siel nie ‘n terloopse gedagte
Of klip of marmer nie
Want jou kode is Ina
As jy uitroep “I’m Not Alien”
Ek is nie ‘n vreemdeling nie!

Ek is wie God se ek is!

Experience in Explosives, Fertilizers, Heavy Chemicals and Author. Love People, High Tech, Space and Afrikaans/English Translator.